The Interchange Rule Panel will allow members of the Arbitration and Rules Committee and the Car Repair Billing Committee to speak on current topics impacting the industry, as well as to afford the opportunity for the audience to pose questions and receive responses for both the Field and Office Manuals of the AAR Interchange Rules.

All in attendance should come prepared with your inquiries for the panel.


About Rick Koenig: 

Serving Union Tank Car Company since 1975 Rick’s career started in the Controller’s Department in various roles up to Vice President and Controller. In 2007 Rick moved into an operations role as Director Fleet Repair & AAR Services and more recently became Director of Industry and Railroad Relations. Rick has earned a bachelor’s Degree in business administration from Loyola University and an MBA from DePaul University. Rick serves on the AAR Asset Health Strategy, Arbitration and Private Car Owners Committees. He lives in Downers Grove Illinois. He has three grown sons a step son and two granddaughters.