The Interchange Rule Panel will allow members of the Arbitration and Rules Committee and the Car Repair Billing Committee to speak on current topics impacting the industry, as well as to afford the opportunity for the audience to pose questions and receive responses for both the Field and Office Manuals of the AAR Interchange Rules.

All in attendance should come prepared with your inquiries for the panel.

About Jeremy Luna 

1997 started Jeremy’s Railroad Career at Newton KS on the BNSF as carman apprentice. In 2000 he was promoted to Supervisor of CRB, then to Manager Freight Car Training. After 5 years as Manager Freight Car Training Jeremy took a position as Sr. Manager of CRB where he was in charge of Car Repair Billing process and AAR compliance. In December of 2016 he transferred to KCS where he serves in his current role as Director of Car Repair Billing.