Dear Freight Car Maintenance Professional


 We are an organization that is over 120 years old, and we begin 2021 with renewal.  RTSA began as the Chief Interchange Car Inspectors’ and Car Foreman’s Association in 1901.   What did the rail industry look like back then?

  •        Theodore Roosevelt was president.
  •         The Interstate Commerce Commission was starting to regulate the railroads.      
  •         Five transcontinental railroads connected the East and West coasts.
  •       The total number of U.S. rail miles was on the way the peak in 1916.
  •        There was no Association of American Railroads (AAR) and no AAR Field Manual.  Not even Umler existed!

    Now we are the Railcar Technical Services AssociationOur name and a web page have a new look. We have also revitalized our commitment to our mission.


    RTSA’s Mission Statement:

    The Railcar Technical Services Association (RTSA) is the railroad mechanical freight car professional’s premier resource for new concepts, training and opportunities for interaction with your peers worldwide.

    If you are not familiar with our education offerings at our annual conference, take a look at our archives.  We are now able to offer you the video presentations of selected sessions at our past annual conferences. Be sure to check them out!

     Since the annual Railway Interchange conference is not being held in 2021, the RTSA will provide this year’s material virtually over the upcoming months. During “normal” years, our educational sessions are held in conjunction with the RSI’s Railway Interchange.

     We want to cover many of the current issues critical to every railcar maintenance professional, presented by those among us who are on the leading edge of today’s technology and regulations.

     Our Association exists to provide you and our members with a solid knowledge and understanding of railcar maintenance. This continuing mission is only possible with your support through your membership and your participation in our annual technical conference.

    If you would like to ask us a question regarding our organization, its mission or activities, please contact us by using the Contact Page.

    As President, I would like to thank you for your continued participation and membership with Railcar Technical Services Association (RTSA).




    Kim Bowling
    President, 2021 – 2022