Synopsis: This session will present, via video, the proper use of Field Manual Rule 1 Gages.

About Mr. Berkshire
Chief Inspector, AAR MID Group
Steve Berkshire is a third generation railroader who started his railroad career in 1980 with the Southern Pacific in Oakland, CA. He started as an apprentice, soon working up to a lead-man. In 1989 Steve moved to Waterville Maine, to become manager of the Springfield Terminal Railroad shops. His duties included managing an AAR M-1003 heavy repair shop, an AAR M-214 shop, and the railroad’s re-railing operations. In 2003 Steve started with TTCI/AAR as a Mechanical Inspection Department (MID) Field Inspector. He soon worked his way up to a Senior Inspector and in 2014 to Chief Inspector, where Steve leads 15 Inspectors who are dedicated to helping the rail industry through inspections, audits, test observations and support of the AAR technical committees.